Remediation Solutions

Designed for in-situ amendment application and monitoring, our system gives you the power to fully automate, assess, monitor and refine your injection process all from the comfort of your office. Full control to manage your concentration ratios via our remote access mixing tank, modulate injection rates using our telemetry based variable pump design and monitoring the whole process utilizing a live-stream data sonde relay all on a customizable digital dashboard.

  • Provide a ready built remediation injection system
  • 10 ports (independent inject monitoring and rates)
  • Enclosed inoculant mixing chamber (telemetry based)
  • Downhole response sonde for live data tracking
  • Aquifer response monitoring (10,000 data point stream)
  • Integrated IoT Monitoring Dashboard
  • Prediction analysis (asset tracking, monitoring and inventory management)

We provide fixed rate service packages for comprehensive quantitative risk analysis and environmental risk reporting. Leveraging decades of expertise, advanced software, and processing capabilities, we deliver everything from guideline derivations to detailed contaminant mapping, all at a fixed fee.