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Phase 1 & 2 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

  • Rapid Phase 1 ESA Reporting
  • Automated 2D and 3D impact modeling
  • Risk Based Pathway Elimination and Guideline Recalculation
  • Remedial Volume Estimates and ROI Regression Analysis

Remediation Design and Execution

  • In-situ and ex-situ treatment options (bioactivated, thermal and injection)
  • Soil reuse opportunities  (full-cycle support – planning to regulatory approval)

Soil and Groundwater Monitoring Program Monitoring and Optimization

  • Analyte review and network optimization
  • Automated reporting interface
  • Live web mapping integration
  • Full-cycle support from pre-phase to post-operations

Site Specific Liability Assessment (SSLA)

  • Remediation and Reclamation Liability Reduction

Risk Analysis

  • Data Acquisition, File Review and Risk Modeling
  • Human and Ecological Health Risk Assessment
  • Guideline Derivation and Liability Reduction Strategies


What Makes us different?

Stop the Endless Assessment

Client Problem:
The Site has been assessed over and over again. It’s changed hands a few times but ultimately it doesn’t seem like anyone can progress this site to closure.”
CLEAR-SITE Solution:
Start with a practical risk-based site analysis with the data you already have. Most consultants collect the data then try and fit the information to a risk-based solution – consistently finding data-gaps and issues that endlessly require further assessment. At Clear-Site we look at practical solutions and apply advanced regression analysis to validate what, if any, additional assessment is required. In our experience, most clients already have more than sufficient data to progress the Site to regulatory closure.

Automate Reporting and Provide Routine Advanced Data-Analytics

Client Problem:
I receive my standard site assessment reports about 60 to 90 days after assessment (if I’m lucky) and I get my year-end annual reports in the year following the one that the data was actually collected. It’s hard to make any business decisions with this type of lag time. Worse, the reports are hundreds of pages long and communicating the results with colleagues is daunting”.

CLEAR-SITE Solution:

Automate the entire data-process and reporting infrastructure. There is no reason to wait months and have to dig through hundreds of pages of text to begin the discussion about what’s happening on your site. We provide data-connected live automation with user select input parameters that allow you to manipulate and feel your data. Live digital dashboards support this data manipulation and our in-house scientists provide context to the data-information in real-time. Downloadable reports are customizable and support regulatory submission requirements without the burden of being the sole source of data transformation and discussion. Finally, a live report for the user to make sound business decisions and a hard-copy output for data-storage and regulatory submission, all in one-place.

Practical Risk-Based Solutions

Client Problem:
We’re installing a multi-million dollar in-situ groundwater remediation and capture system to protect downgradient receptors and clear-cutting a swath of forest to remediate impacts near surface – it seems odd given the groundwater receptor is so far away and the forest doesn’t appear adversely affected”.
CLEAR-SITE Solution:

Start with a practical look at the data and progress to advanced modeling and risk-analysis as needed to define actual and not perceived risks to receptors. Once established facilitate the conversation between all parties (land owners, regulators and proponents) through interactive and easy to understand data visualization. If there are no current, or future predicted risks to receptors progress the Site towards closure with no further action required.

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