AI & ML Solutions

We integrate AI & ML based environmental liability analysis utilizing the tens of thousands of brown-field sites assessed every year across North America and world-wide. Billions of data-inputs are curated from your own datasets and those available within public reporting repositories world-wide. We then curate that data to create a probability of occurrence, magnitude of effect, and cost of consequence.

Once established, we optimize the remedial options available to you utilizing risk-based liability reduction techniques combined with site specific data. In short, we deliver a liability estimate with the speed of AI-generated information and the quality assurance of professional curation to define and reduce the cost of your contaminated site liability.

  • AI/ML Based Imagery Recognition for APEC Identification
  • AI Driven Historical Reporting Analysis
  • ML Decision Tree Learning (ID3, CART, Chi-Square and Reduction)
  • Expedited Tier 2/3 Liability Analysis
  • Asset Liability Review and Forecasting/Prediction Modeling
  • AI/ML Integration Team Training & Support Services
  • Custom IoT and Data Visualization Dashboard Development

We provide fixed rate service packages for comprehensive quantitative risk analysis and environmental risk reporting. Leveraging decades of expertise, advanced software, and processing capabilities, we deliver everything from guideline derivations to detailed contaminant mapping, all at a fixed fee.