AI and ML

We live in a world that aspires to be data-driven, and numerous industries have placed high expectations on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data science to automatically power their digital transformation. Unfortunately, data-driven decision-making still remains elusive and broadly ineffective at yielding the promised benefits as much work in the realm of AI and ML exists in scholarly pursuits and theoretical think labs. But at CLEAR-SITE we do things differently.

At CLEAR-SITE we’ve teamed with ANALYTHIUM to provide innovative ‘real-world’ solutions by focusing our efforts in a new light. Instead of simply taking a process or procedure and looking for opportunities to automate and display that information we work with you to fundamentally rethink and conceptualize your individual output requirement and then innovate a custom-tailored solution.

We design an implement purpose-built statistical AI and ML applications replacing rare and expensive data scientists, statisticians and black-box software. Our focus is on integration, user experience and the facilitation of communicating data between non-technical users and their clients.

What makes us different?

Knock-Down the Data Silos

Client Problem:

Digital transformation and programming software promised us a path to break-down barriers in sharing information internally and with our clients. Now we have multiple software programs that are cumbersome and don’t integrate across our various platforms. We replaced personal data silos between departments with various programs that don’t communicate.”

CLEAR-SITE Solution:

Build out your data requirements with source programs that interconnect and speak the same language. Provide the means to allow your team the opportunity to address their individual needs through customizable personal data-interfaces and retain source data within a single accessible repository”

Customized Software Design:

Client Problem:

“We have a lot of programs from 2D and 3D modeling software to digital mapping to accounting and project planning and financial tracking. The problem is that we only use a small fraction of what each of these programs provide and then we try and interconnect them all. It’s a frustrating process.”

CLEAR-SITE Solution:

Most software companies provide turn-key or off-the-shelf packages. We innovate customized solutions to solve the problems our clients face today with integrated adaptability to position our clients to ‘ramp-up’ as needed and solve the problems of tomorrow. Our software options provides full-circle solutions from start to finish in one easy to use personalized package.”

World Leading Statistics and Risk Modeling

Client Problem:

“We have purchased fantastic statistical modeling software. But it basically takes someone with a statistics degree to know what options to select and run the programs. There are literally hundreds of input options and I’m concerned that the outputs, while visually appealing, aren’t defensible.”

CLEAR-SITE Solution:

Data driven science requires innovation, adaptability, and domain expertise. At CLEAR-SITE we have some of the top data-scientists in the world supporting our program innovation. We imbed statistical quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) that automates your data-based-decision making. Our focus is making advanced statistical selection simple.”

No Black Box

Client Problem:

“A number of the programs we run have automated selection processes (black-box) that influences our output predictions. Our problem is that making changes to those predictions is unwieldy, running sensitivity analysis is challenging, and in most cases, simply isn’t possible.”

CLEAR-SITE Solution:

“We build fully transparent solutions with click-button equation walk-throughs and outputs. Simple, efficient, and clear.”

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