This is Clear-Site, leaders in site liability and risk management solutions, take a look around


At Clear-Site Solutions we conceptualize the problem, provide innovative solutions tailored to meet our clients needs and deliver first class results.


We’ve established a reputation for always bringing innovation to the table in each and every project we tackle.


Over the years we have had the privilege of working alongside government agencies, non-profits, private landowners, and some of the largest names in mineral and energy resources.

Data Analytics

Specializing in seeing opportunities where others can’t. We help clients integrate sound data-analytics and risk-intelligence into their work-streams.

Cost Reduction

Reduced liability. We’ve developed new and innovative ways to cut out the noise and help us focus on what really matters – reduced overall cost associated with contaminated sites liability.


Innovation drives us. From quantitative risk analysis to integrated data visualization and live cloud based reporting – we provide clients with an unprecedent understanding of their site liability.

1-Hr Free Consult

Stop the endless cycle of assess – report – repeat. Ask yourself why you are collecting that data, what is it telling you, does it support your business decisions, and if so, can it be optimized?

Clear Communication

Understanding site liability doesn’t need to be complicated. We’ve made our careers in presenting intricate and complex ideas clearly and simply.

Smart Integration

There is no such thing as a one-size fits all approach. Whether you’re looking to improve on the systems you already have or require a fully integrated turn-key solutions we’re here to help.

Pragmatic Approach

The simple presence of a contaminant does not equate to a risk. We use proven, accepted processes and procedures to evaluate your liability, provide options to reduce (or eliminate) that liability and give you the truth, up front, about your return on investment for taking such action.

“Our risk-based file reviews typically see a return of 30 to 80 percent in capital expenditure reduction over our competitions approach to closing site liabilities.”

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We’ve mastered the process of evaluating human and ecological risk. From impact assessments to asset retirement obligations to Phase 2 ESAs and just about everything in-between.


Our programers work alongside us to design and implement purpose-built statistical AI and ML applications that replace expensive data scientists, statisticians and black-box software.


From guideline derivations to detailed remedial planning. We’ve consulted on projects spanning across 2 territories and 5 provinces. Let our experiences work for you.


Is your property or work site FireSmart? From tree-clearing to brushing we offer a wide-range of services designed to keep you, your loved ones and your property safe.

At Clear-Site Solutions Inc. we specialize in supporting our clients to integrate sound data-analytics and risk-analysis into their daily lives. In particular, we develop cost-effective liability reduction strategies. Still unclear? The basic catch phrase is that…

"We help clients reduce the costs associated with an environmental liability"

We do this by offering quantitative risk analysis and environmental risk intelligence in a seamless process that identifies the issue, clearly conveys that information through beautiful visual data and achieves optimized results. Not sure how we can help? Book a free 1-hr consultation and see what we can do you for.

  • Rapid Site Closure
  • Guideline Modification
  • Pathway Elimination
  • Advanced contaminant plume modeling (soil, groundwater, surface water and air)
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Health Impact Assessments
  • Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessments

“From monitoring optimization to site-closure we’re committed to helping you and your team understand your data, recognize the benefits of risk-based analysis and save you money."